Congress Must Protect Asylum and Reject Any Anti-Immigrant Provisions in Exchange for Foreign Military Aid 

Latest news | Feb 05, 2024 07:02 pm

Washington, D.C. – We Are All America unequivocally opposes the recently released legislation in the Senate bundling one-time aid for foreign wars with anti-immigrant provisions. Packed with extreme anti-immigrant policies that jeopardize access to asylum—a fundamental legal pathway for those fleeing persecution—the bill, in its current state, would only bring chaos and harm to vulnerable individuals and border communities.

“If this bill becomes law, it spells out a scary future—more families torn apart, more innocent children confined, and more individuals forcibly returned to the brutal realities of persecution, torture, and potential death,” said Fatima Saidi, Director of We Are All America. “Our laws should always and consistently prioritize human lives and human dignity. The rights of those seeking asylum should be safeguarded, not treated as pawns in political negotiations, and we shouldn’t give in to the political spectacle of turning people away. Every person deserves a reliable chance to present their case, regardless of where they stand in the queue. For the past four decades, we have witnessed that relying on deterrence and enforcement to bring order to the border is futile, and this doomed package is set to continue that pattern of failure.”


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