Leadership Development Program

Aug 2024

Fundraising for Advocacy & Grassroots Organizing Movements

Refugee and immigrant leaders will learn fundraising strategies and tactics to use in advocacy and grassroots organizing movements. The workshop will provide tools, resources, and tips on how to successfully fundraise, how to build relationships with funders and donors, and how to build your own development fundraising plan.

Oct 2024

Effective Story Telling When Engaging Elected Officials

This workshop will cover topics on the power of storytelling and provide tools and resources on how to be an effective storyteller. Participants will be prepared to share their stories effectively in different platforms and for different audiences, including public figures and elected officials. Participants will also learn best practices when meeting with elected officials … Continued

Dec 2024

Digital Organizing within the Refugee & Immigrant Community

This workshop will provide insight on digital organizing and tools available to refugee and immigrant leaders and organizers. Participants will learn on how to better elevate their messaging and narrative work about their communities, ways to build followers via social media, and tips on how to engage the media.

Jun 2024

Organizing an Effective Campaign & Power-mapping

This workshop will teach participants how to effectively organize a campaign and how power mapping can help create systemic (institutional) change. This workshop will equip local refugee and immigrant leaders in learning how effective campaigns and power mapping can be used to push refugee and immigrant legislation forward and how to identify goals, formulate a … Continued

Apr 2024

Organizing and Leadership: Activating Power in Refugee and Immigrant Communities

The Organizing & Leadership Development Workshop will cover the basics of effective community grassroots organizing, ways of being an effective leader, case studies of successful coalition-building models, advocating for specific social justice causes, the act of community service (models of social change), and power dynamics. This workshop is designed for participants who are interested in … Continued

Feb 2024

Basics of US Government and Advocacy

This workshop will review how power is wielded in grounding people with their own experiences of government in their countries of origin, how the government in the US is structured, and the impact of advocacy and civic engagement among refugee and immigrant communities. We will review how federal, state, and local governments operate. Participants will … Continued

The table helps me connect to other forcibly displaced individuals and asylum seekers. It helps me learn more how I could be helpful as a refugee who lives in the United States of America


I am grateful for these informative workshops and will love to see more in the future!


Asylum seeker

These important workshops should be recorded and distributed to refugees and immigrant communities all over the USA.


Former refugee