Isabel López

| Nov 14, 2023 09:11 pm

Isabel López joined the We Are All America campaign as the Digital Organizer, bringing with her a wealth of experience and a deep passion for advocacy. A Venezuelan immigrant, Isabel has over five years of experience in organizing and communications, and she is dedicated to cultivating relationships and building power among displaced communities to promote equity and inclusivity. She is excited to continue this important work with We Are All America.

Since relocating to the United States in 2017, Isabel has been actively involved in human rights and immigration activism. She played a pivotal role in building a movement of human rights defenders as the president of her university’s Amnesty International chapter. Additionally, she worked closely with immigrant and asylum-seeking communities through Planned Parenthood’s Latinx-serving programs Raíz and Promotoras. Most recently, Isabel served as the Policy and Communications intern for the International Refugee Assistance Project, where she further honed her skills and deepened her commitment to advocacy.

Isabel graduated from Rhodes College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and International Studies. Beyond her professional achievements, she enjoys spending time in nature, exploring creative makeup, and dancing to live music. Isabel’s multifaceted interests and experiences enrich her work and bring a unique perspective to her role as a Digital Organizer.

Isabel López’s dedication to human rights and her dynamic approach to organizing make her an invaluable asset to the We Are All America campaign. Her work is instrumental in advancing the campaign’s mission of fostering a more inclusive and equitable society for all.