Pierre Uwimana

| Nov 14, 2023 09:11 pm

Pierre was born and raised in Rwanda and went to college in Kenya, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and a Master’s in Finance. Upon completing his studies, Pierre played a significant role in rebuilding his Rwanda country after being torn apart by genocide, which happened in 1994. During his service in Rwanda, he started as a Program Expert in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning; he later moved to Rwanda Investment and Export Promotion Agency as Deputy Managing Director in charge of Export Promotion.

After successful service, he was promoted to Kigali City Manager. As he kept on growing in his professional life, Pierre realized that his passion for seeing the most vulnerable lifted out of misery was not being recognized as he wanted to, so he decided to move to a service in a non-profit organization. He joined World Relief Rwanda, where he served to empower the local church to do the most vulnerable in the capacity of Program Director.